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A little presentation about me.

I am a local tourist guide registered in 1998 for the Venetian Heritage, the islands in the Venetian Lagoon and the Venetian villas and I had to pass a very strict examination to operate in this field, insituted by the Regione Veneto. I have been illustrating with passion and competence the Cultural Heritage of this territory for nearly 20 years. I can work in Russian, English and Italian. I graduated in Russian in 1990 at the faculty of Foreigner Languages and Literatures in Venice named Ca’ Foscari. I am a member of the local Association of local Venetian Guides, then of the Veneto Association and finally of the Italian one named ANGT. I participated to a few conventions organized by the FEG and WFTGA.

I was born and raised here and I would like to let you feel at home here to let you bring back a living and thriving experience of this land so unique and precious as your treasure. If you like, you can become a tetimonial of my activity. I am waiting for you!


Popular tours

St.Mark’s square : a theatre of the world

This tour can last from two to four hours, according to the time at your disposal and to your mood. It can include a visit to St, Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace (2 hours or more).

From Rialto to St. Mark’s Square

Rialto as a place of financial activities, banking and insurance companies: the food market, the famous bridge. Gold and jewels, the simbol of justice, splendour. Spices and perfumes. Aboundance and luxury. Books, what a passion!

The three city centres in Venice, the maritime power of the Serenissima Republic

Apart from the quoted Saint Mark’s and Rialto this tour wants you to discover a symbolic place beloved by the locals. There is a strong movement that wants this place to be used publicly.

Basilica di San Marco

Palazzo Ducale

Mercato di Rialto

Fontego dei Todeschi

Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo

Campo Santa Maria Formosa

Museo Navale

Arsenale di Venezia

Giardini di Castello

Santa Maria della Salute

Peggy Guggenheim


Gallerie dell'Accademia

Punta della Dogana

Campo Santa Margherita

Stazione S. Lucia

Piazzale Roma

Palazzo Grassi

Campo San Barnaba

Campo Santo Stefano

Museo Correr

Campo Manin

La Fenice

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

Cà Foscari

Campo San Pantalon

Calle Incurabili


Molino Stucky

San Giorgio Maggiore

Basilica dei Frari

San Tomà

Scuola Grande S. Rocco

Campo San Polo

Scuola Grande dei Carmini

Cà D'Oro

Cà Pesaro

Palazzo Mocegino

Fontego dei Turchi

Palazzo Pisani Moretta



Museo del Vetro

Museo del Merletto

Rio Terà delle Carampane

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If the bridge of liberty wuold not have been built there, Europe wuold be an island!

Venice and its lagoon are a microcosm to be discovered and rediscovered. Venice is a city where you feel yourself in a different environment than in the rest of the world. It has always been so.
Our wise ancestors have conceived an amphybious lagoon civilization and they have worked in an original way to build it and to keep it.
In these last decades the lagoon has been transformed: it is not the same any more.
There are many incumbent dangers: erosion, high water, low tide, waves, pollution, restaurations, new canals excavations, not enough funds for the technical manteinance of the city.
Is Venice sinking? Is the sea level growing higher? And what about global warming? What is the M.O.S.E system?
What about our corruption? What about regulating our incoming tourism? What is the future of the Venetians? How will Venice be in 20 years?
I like answering also to questions related to nowadays Venice.
I think it is fundamental visiting these places with great respect, love and sensitivity.
Slowly, in a peaceful mood.
I advise you not to visit only St. Mark’s Square and Rialto.
There are infinite itineraries. Everybody has his/her own maze in Venice.
History, art, architecture, religous faith and other faiths, traditions, feasts, games, music, food, wine, sports, numbers, excellence in culture, nature.
Among my proposals you will find itineraries in famous places and less famous places, but we could play and create new combinations according to your demands.